We sell our products all over spain and we are present at latin american and maghreb markets.

What differentiates us


Naturplas, experience

We know the plasticulture sector with an experience of more than 30 years.


Naturplas, support

Naturplás Industrial has a laboratory and qualified human teams that develop our solutions adapted to the market.


Naturplas, service

We personalise our customers’ orders, according to the type and cultivation area.

We have a wide range of agricultural plastics for intensive cultivation under plastic

Naturplas, agricultural film
Naturplas, agricultural film reel
Naturplas, agricultural reels

We offer products adapted to the agriculture needs; plastics for greenhouse covering, small tunnels, double chambers, padding, disinfection / solarisation, silage and geomembranes.

Meshes and thermal blankets

We also have a wide range of meshes. We offer our customers the top quality meshes in the market; mosquito nets, anti-trips, shading, anti-hail, soil coverings, mixed, plasticized and harvest blankets as well as specialities in thermal blankets.

What characterises us

At Naturplas we specialise in offering the best plastics and meshes for agricultural use as well as films for the agro-industry sector.

We market a wide range of products offering the best solutions for our customers and always meeting their requirements.

We have a responsibility towards the environment, collaborators and customers

Our products are standardised according to the requirements of the european economic community.