Naturplas, company

Naturplas was set up in 2010 in order to meet the farmers’ needs and since then we are growing with them.

Naturplas, business history

Our business history of more than 30 years in the sector confirm us as a quality and confidence benchmark.

Naturplas, variety in agricultural plastics

Direct and daily contact with our customers provides us the information necessary to meet their requirements.


Our factories are in Portugal, because we are part of the Grupo Polivouga, one of the main plastics manufacturers in the Iberian Peninsula and among the top ten in Europe. We have two warehouses and centres for format transformation in Andalucía, located in Almería and Huelva. Logistically, they allow us to supply, within 24 hours, any area in the Iberian Peninsula.

International service

Naturplas products reach all over Spain and also Latin American and Maghreb markets, areas where there is an important growth in the consumption of agricultural plastics.

As a European Community company, we are submitted to the European Union standards and protocols, which ensure safety and quality of our products.

Naturplas differentiates from competitors for the customization level of its products, which are always custom-made products, in order to meet our customers’ requirements, according to the type of cultivation and production area.

International service of Naturplas products


  • Creating an added value and making a difference.
  • Helping develop an environmentally-friendly under plastic agriculture.
  • Offering the best quality-price ratio because we know that if our customers are satisfied, we will continue growing and leading our sector.
  • Being a benchmark in the sector of plasticulture to reach countries committed to agriculture.


  • Being committed to our work and customers.
  • Striving to achieve the highest quality in our products and services.
  • Improving ourselves as a company everyday and meeting the market requirements professionally


  • Being a company responsible for our customers and collaborators as well as for the environment.
  • Maximizing the economic performance of farmers, offering more and more safe and effective products.