In constant contact with farmers

Naturplas, reel
Naturplas, R&D
Naturplas, research, development and innovation

Our sales team is in constant contact with farmers. We collect information on-site to know the problems and develop innovative and leading proposals. We always check that there is a verifiable improvement before continuing developing new products.

We take special care of the manufacturing process

Naturplas, agricultural film
Naturplas, agricultural film
Naturplas, agricultural film
Naturplas, meshes

Thanks to the alliance between Naturplas and Grupo Polivouga, we select the best raw materials among the main world suppliers to transform such raw material into high quality agricultural plastics.

Only top quality

We offer products with better performance than the competition. We have state-of-the-art machinery and our laboratories are supervised by an experienced technical team of Polivouga, one of the most modern factories in Europe.

Naturplas, Grupo Polivouga

Our customers become Naturplas main elements, they can see that results are real and recommend us. The secret is to provide them with what they need and our capacity of adaptation.