Naturtex anti-hail

Naturplas, Naturtex Antigranizo
Naturplas, Naturtex Antigranizo
Naturplas, Naturtex Antigranizo

These meshes protect against atmospheric agents such as hail, being very useful in vineyards acting as a windbreak. They are also suitable for freeze protection.

  • Reduce the direct solar radiation on plants creating a microclimate helping the fruit grow and ripen quickly.
Recommended applications:
  • Put them in places where there are no corners that may produce cuts or punctures, in order to ensure durability.
  • Avoid friction of the meshes with metal structures when installing. If necessary, use special pieces, which are available in the market for such purpose.
  • Do not over-tension the mesh when being installed in order to avoid tearing as they may suffer retraction over time.  This process should always be made by qualified staff.
  • Keep the meshes indoors, protected from the sun and rain.

Naturtex anti-hail 2,5x3, cristal y black

Naturtex anti-hail 3,5x3,6, cristal y black